Handbook of Quotes

The Indispensable Handbook of
Quotes Passages, Musings and Sayings

by Brian Sobel

BrianSobelTielessFor over twenty years I have been collecting quotes, musings, passages and sayings from the famous, infamous, philosophic, historic, comedic and others.

Finally I have compiled them into a book that offers a reader a broad spectrum of material for speeches, motivational talks, or the opportunity to hear what others have to say in their own words.
– Brian Sobel
Where can you find the words of:
Winston Churchill, Sam Houston, Hubert Humphrey, Rudyard Kipling, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., George M. Cohan, Walt Disney, John F. Kennedy, Edward R. Murrow, Will Rogers, Babe Ruth, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Seuss, Harry S. Truman, Tammy Wynette, ZZ Top and scores of others!
They are in:
The Indispensable Handbook of Quotes Passages, Musings and Sayings
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